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A Review of Content Wizard For Blogging Marketers

Business automation began way before the net existed, but the wish to enjoy the benefits of it is felt by all of us. There is good cause because of all the various tasks we have to do everyday. Also, employing automation is an excellent use of leverage that will save us a lot of time. That is certainly time saved so we can easily devote to money-making activities such as marketing our offers. Content Wizard is a WordPress plugin produced by Leslie Bogaerts, and this is our review. If you are a blogger, in any capacity, then this content managing resource might appeal to you. Even so, as you will learn, this plugin is very feature rich, and Leslie has by now recently updated (at the moment of this writing) an autoblogging upgrade.

If you have a blog, even only one, then you know how time consuming they can be. There have been many innovations with managing content, but blogs are nonetheless highly manual task oriented. On the front end, you are able to post content with just one mouse click with Content Wizard. Just something you can do is select the categories where your posts will appear. So this means you will not just be posting to where ever, and you will realize your posts are going where they should be.

Let’s speak about a few additional features and benefits of Content Wizard. If you are like most bloggers, then you need your blogs and posts to rank highly in Google, normally. No more manual tag creation to stress with using Content Wizard. You may want to explore how quickly that works with various plugins for SEO purposes. But I consider you can have all your concerns answered by Leslie regarding specifics.

For content management automation you will find several neat benefits offered. The first is the ability to create posting times pertaining to scheduling future posts. Autoblogging is a feature that very many marketers love using, and that ability was contained in a recent plugin update. You’ll find tons of people who use autoblogging and also produce them for flipping.

Lots of people like working with the help of PLR articles, and this plugin has a special feature that is going to be attractive for using PLR. Essentially you will be able to make your PLR articles unique for SEO purposes. Truthfully, you may want to proceed with caution due to the possible human review aspect to this issue.

Additional goodies for Content Wizard include an unlimited license, and you’ll be able to use on whatever number of your sites with no limitations. Free lifetime upgrades which is pretty standard for a great deal of plugins and software, but it really is nice to have. There are no extra fees involved if you desire to make blogs for flipping; so that’s a pretty nice benefit. If you have a blog building business, you will not need to buy a developers license.
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